Monday, December 14, 2015

Echolust - Zombie Birds

Echolust, Philip Obando and Armond Angeles' post-punk/darkwave project from Long Beach, CA have just shared a new single called 'Zombie Birds.' The track 'flies' under futuristic yet 80's reminiscent skies of dynamic synths and powerful guitars. 
Check it out below. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Bands To Watch for 2015

Top 20 Albums:
1. Static Daydream, Static Daydream
2. Dråpe, Relax/Relapse
3. This Love Is Deadly, Want
4. Westkust, Last Forever
5. YAST, My Dreams Did Finally Come True
6. Cemeteries, Barrow
7. Future, Horizons 
8. A Place To Bury Strangers, Transfixiation
9. Venera 4, Eidôlon
10. Club 8, Pleasure
11. Pure Morning, The Broadcasting Department of Philadelphia
12. Grave Pool, Mnemonics
13. Shoreline Is, Watch It All Go
14. Gliss, Pale Reflections
15. Maria False, When
16. Fever Dream, Moyamoya
17. Reina Republicana, El Despertar
18. Tiny Fireflies, The Space Between
19. GROOMS, Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair
20. Finnmark!, Things Always Change

Top 20 EPs/Singles:
1. Flyying Colours, ROYGBIV EP
2. Talking Bush, Ordinary Unusual EP
3. Air Formation, Were We Ever Here
4. Lost Tapes, Lost In Youth
5. The Silent Love, Whisper*
6. Communions, Communions EP
7. The Foreign Resort, The American Dream
8. Everything Fades, Here's To A New Tomorrow
9. Giirls, Far Life
10. Velódromo, Velódromo EP
11. Femme Fantasm, Femme Fantasm
12. mandarinaduck, Gardensouls
13. Trementina, SPD
14. Dead Sea, EP1
15. Leave The Planet, Winter Sleep 
16. Light FM, Pointless EP
17. Life Model, Lilt/Enough (To Know)
18. Two Moons Merging, Remembrance
19. Hideous Towns, Heart Attack/Skin 
20. Snow In Mexico, Juno Beach

Enjoy the music and don't forget to support the artists; buy their music and go to their gigs!

*'Whisper' came out a few days ago and was therefore hard to be included in the albums list.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

PREMIERE: The Silent Love - Unloved

The silent love is Ganesha Mahendra's solo indiepop project coming to you alll the way from Jakarta, Indonesia. His influences of The Field Mice, Brighter or Blueboy are evident in his music, though he has acquired a distinctive sound for himself  making music for some time now. It is easy to distinguish his songs among others; cheerful guitar melodies, bright synths and lovely vocals are the basic ingredients to a recipe that never fails. 
FP2T is excited to bring you the premiere of 'Unloved', the new single off TSL's sophomore album 'Whisper'. It is a song dedicated to people who dream about being in love and cannot leave anyone untouched. 
The 8-track album will be out on CD on January 4th 2016 via the French label Beko Disques and available to pre-order this Friday. 
Check out the beautiful video for 'Unloved' below. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PREMIERE: Dear Tracks - All The Outs Are Free

Dear Tracks made their debut earlier in the year with the impressive Wildfower EP. Matt Messore, Victoria Ovenden, Jacob Juodawlkis and Alex Militello from Grand Rapids, MI have just unveiled the second track off their forthcoming EP 'Soft Dreams'. 'All The Outs Are Free' is a track that will instantly become dear to you. It has a dreamy melody and chimming guitars that the band can so well master. This dream pop gem as well as Moment Of Clarity (released in April) are part of the EP that will be out on February 26th and available on limited edition 10" vinyl - mint green via Track and Field Records and violet via Furious Hooves, on a small run of cassettes and digitally. 
Check 'All The Outs Are Free' below.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Crescendo - Repulsor

We shared news about Crescendo's sophomore album earlier in the year and the time has finally come for the LA-based trio to share the first single off 'Unless'. 'Repulsor' is an upbeat track that you will feel instantly attracted to. Although it's only been about a year since their debut album, their dream pop sound seems more evolved and richer in strength and Gregory and Olive's vocals blend beautifully together. 
When talking about 'Repulsor' Gregory said: "Writing music has always been the way for my subconscious to communicate with me. When I'm put on the spot to write lyrics for a composition, my heart will force out my dearest thoughts that aren't always known to me. Crescendo coincidentally means growth, which is something Olive, Jess, and I work on constantly. We're never good enough. There's lyrics I've written years ago that teach me things I needed to know then, and I usually unlock them much later. 'Repulsor' came to us out of thin air, my emotions at the time embodied the laser beam riffs, light speed drum beats, and holy synths. We like to write music that offers support to others. I've seen what fast drum beats can do to ignite people at live shows, dance floors, and car-rides. 'Repulsor' is just that, a science fiction laser beam controlled by our guitars & emotions igniting those around it, engulfed in musical chaos, and therapeutic lyrics from the future for all of us. A light speed space journey through our world firing at everything in our path, our hardships, our growing minds, to break through our adventures through music and life." 

The band have scheduled some performances that anyone in their area should not miss: 11/18-11/20 TEDMED House Band (private event); Coachella, CA 
11/24 The Hideout with Millionyoung; San Diego, CA 
11/25 Harvard & Stone DreamGaze Festival Presents: The New Division[DJ Set] + PART TIME + Millionyoung & Crescendo; Los Angeles, CA 

The album will be out in February 2016 on Italian label We Were Never Being Boring on limited colored heavy splatter on transparent vinyl and CD and is available to pre-order here.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stella Diana - Shohet

Italian shoegazers Stella Diana have just unveiled the first track off their upcoming Alhena E.P., which is due out in November via British-Canadian label Raphalite Records. 'Shohet' abounds in melodic guitars and vocals and provides an - indeed - stellar early taste of the   5-track E.P. 
 You can listen to the track on Bandcamp and watch a lovely video of 'Shohet' below. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ALBUM PREMIERE: Shoreline Is - Watch It All Go

German indie rock/dream pop quartet Shoreline Is released their debut album 'Deal Kindly' in 2012. Almost two years later, they started sharing a few tracks on their soundcloud from their second full-length album, which Fp2t is honored to premiere today. Sven Riehle, Jannick Frömming, Julian Prott and Stefan Dierkes are based in Cologne and they worked hard and patiently in order to create an album that was surely worth the wait. Drenched in chiming guitars, soft synths and wonderful vocals, the ravishing melodies of the 9-track album seem to get better and better with every hearing and make for an album that is easy to repeat and hard to 'hear' it go. 
'Watch It All Go' is available digitally on the band's bandcamp and you can stream it in full below.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

PREMIERE: Talking Bush - Desperate

Talking Bush, Saint Petersburg's Nikita Bushmanov's brainchild, is one of the reasons I think 2015 has been a year with a lot of new promising dream pop projects. His debut EP 'Ordinary Unusual' was released earlier this summer via Shelflife Records. Nikita has been working non-stop on the songs that will soon be part of his first full-length album 'Stories From Outer Space'. He has just unveiled the second track off the album. 'Desperate' follows the lines of his previous songs with catchy tunes, balancing between synth pop and dream pop, and Nikita's beautifully gentle vocals. 
Get the key to unlock the entry to a dreamy garden. Get 'Desperate' below. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tiny Fireflies - Taken

Kristine Capua(Tiny Microphone) and Lisle Mitnik(Fireflies) formed Tiny Fireflies when EardrumsPop asked them to create a song together for their "Between Two Waves" compilation. The Chicago based duo have since published more songs and released their EP Change in 2011. Their last single 'Picture Perfect' having been released in 2012, Kristine and Lisle had been working on their debut full-length album. Yesterday they unveiled the first song off 'The Space Between', a nine-track album which will be released on November 11th. 'Taken' is a gorgeous synth-pop track that you will instanty take to. 
In eager anticipation of the album, make sure to listen to 'Taken' below. 

Sunflowerheads - Yarn EP

August, Emil, Oliver, Viktor and Philip are sunflowerheads, a Swedish shoegaze band, which was formed in the beginning of 2015. Late in the summer they published their first track Tired Eyes and they are about to release their debut EP Yarn. Distorted guitars and hazy vocals make up a sound that do not remind of cold southern Sweden where these guys come from. 'Yarn' is a promising debut that will have you anticipating more of their music. 
Listen to 'Yarn' below and stream/pay what you like the rest of the EP below. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Slaughter Beach - ClearInsight

Danish psych-pop trio Slaughter Beach have just shared the leading track off their debut EP 'Love/Venice', which will be out on Brilliance Records on October 9th. 'ClearInsight' is a brilliant upbeat track combining nostalgic indie pop-rock tunes with phased-out vocals. The band have already been working on their second EP expected in early 2016. While waiting for their debut EP, you can get a good taste of their music by listening to the track below. Enjoy! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Coastal - Back In The Past + 360°

Coastal is the solo project of Fanou Alley (Skittle Aley's vocalist and guitarist) from Limoges, France. A little while ago he started recording music with GarageBand with drum samples of TR 808 and keyboard additions. The results are some beautiful instrumental synthwave tracks inspired by the sea, the clouds and holiday times. 
You can stream the brand new 'Back In The Past' and the rest of the 'Beginning EP' on Soundcloud or Bandcamp and watch a video for '360°' below. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Interview: Static Daydream

Fredericksburg, VA's Paul Baker (ex-Skywave and Ceremony) and Jamie Casey are not only a couple in life but also a couple in music. Their debut self-titled album was released on August 28th via Saint Marie and Moon Sounds Records. If you're into taking a dive in noise pop waters dipped in distorted guitars and reverb, then don't hesitate to jump! Static Daydream's album has just the thing for you. And if you're interested in getting to know them better, then read on!
After not being in Skywave and Ceremony, did you ever consider stopping making music?
Paul: I considered not releasing any music after each of those groups, but I never imagined not making music. It's what I enjoy, despite the inspiration coming and going sometimes. That's okay with me, though. I don't feel the need to force it, and I'll never release anything that I don't really believe is worth releasing.
How did 'Static Daydream' come about? And what was your reaction when you realized Jamie can sing so well?
Paul: I left the band Ceremony for various reasons and I wanted a name that wasn't so confusing, for one thing. It was wonderful to realize that Jamie can sing so well, for sure, but I already had a lot of music that I was working on when her abilities were made obvious to me. I guess that's why she doesn't appear on so many songs we've released so far, but I hope she'll contribute a lot more in the future.
Jamie: Thank you! I've always liked to sing, but had never considered singing on any recordings until I met Paul. I'm naturally kind of an introvert so I think it was hard for him to talk me in to doing it at first, but it's gotten easier every time. We support each other and he is able to put me at ease. I'll keep contributing as long as Paul keeps writing great songs! If daydreaming requires 'a short-term detachment from one's immediate surroundings', why is yours 'static'?
Paul: I just liked the sound of it, it describes our music, and maybe in retrospect it's a slight nod to The Misfits.
Who else helped you in the making of the album?
Paul: Jake Reid helped immensely in the making of this album. I think I've said it before, but without his help I don't think it would have ever happened. He's got the great combination of knowledge and creativity that I would think anyone would want to have on their side. I consider myself very fortunate to have him as a friend and a collaborator, without a doubt.
Would you say that one of your dreams has come true with the release of your debut album?
Paul: I think I feel good about this album, but it doesn't feel like a debut, really. Even though it is sort of a "solo album," I really don't like to think of it that way. I'd rather give thanks to Jamie and Jake for making it something much better than anything I could have done alone.
Jamie: This was never something I envisioned myself doing before I met Paul. I lost my father to pancreatic cancer about 7 years ago and he loved to sing, so he always wanted me to pursue this. I think he would be very proud of me for stepping out of my comfort zone and I owe Paul a great debt of gratitude for encouraging me.
Do you have a favorite song on the album?
Paul: No, I really can't answer that. Each song has its place, I think.
Jamie: I think the album is best experienced as a whole, but "The Only One" is extra special to me for obvious reasons. What are your music influences? And what have you been listening to lately?
Paul: I would guess my influences are fairly obvious, like Slowdive, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Cure. There are other things, though, like Hank Williams Sr, Lee Hazelwood, Dusty Springfield, and Bo Diddley, as examples. I'm a huge fan of girl groups like The Crystals, The Shangri-La's and The Ronettes. I also listen to Kraftwerk a lot, and The Misfits and The Ramones. I don't know, it's all over the place. I recently found out about We Miss The Earth, and I'm enjoying their music a lot. Really, there are too many to name, and I don't want to run down a list and forget anyone. Just go search for things, there's a lot of good music out there.
Jamie: My taste in music is all over the place, too. I would say that my two greatest influences as far as female vocalists are Rachel Goswell from Slowdive and Sharin Foo from The Raveonettes.
I know a lot of people (myself included) would like to see you play live. Do you see that happening any time soon?
Paul: Thank you, but I'm not sure. Jamie and I have a long way to go before we start playing shows. The first thing I'd have to do is remember how to play our songs. I'm working on new songs now, and I can barely remember how those go.
How hard do you think it is for young musicians to become successful and (maybe) make a living out of their music?
Paul: I have no idea, but I'd imagine it's quite difficult, especially given that music seems to be the form of art or entertainment or whatever that is considered fair to be stolen online. It's just the reality, and it's unfortunate, but clearly some groups or artists are thriving, so maybe there's a way. I don't rely on it, so maybe I'm not the right person to ask.
Do you have a motto that guides you in life?
Paul: "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." ~ Mahatma Ghandi
Jamie: Mine is a poem by Walt Whitman- "The untold want, by life and land ne'er granted, Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find." 

 You can stream Static Daydream's album on Bandcamp or Soundcloud and buy it here

Monday, August 24, 2015

Skymningar - Skymningar EP

Ever wondered what the Swedish twilight might sound like? Well, here's a band that will give you a good example. Skymningar is Christian Augustin (Totalt Jävla Mörker), Pär Isling Poromaa (Väärt) and Anders Winterstam (So.So.) and they make beautiful synthpop.

"An autumn evening in Umeå. I cross the bridge leading to the city. The train tracks are northbound. The announcer from the station has no audience. The sun sinks into the horizon, leaving people in uncertainty. We have a cup of coffee and start creating music. Outside the balcony window a shadow world is emerging. That is what we are trying to make music about, and escape from.", says Pär

Their debut self-titled EP was released a few days ago and it contains 4 synthpop tracks, that will lift from you any burden of an overwhelming reality. You can stream/buy the EP on their Bandcamp and watch the official video for 'Sisyfos' below.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Xolo - Moonless

When Justin Cefai met photographer and vocalist Rebekkah Castellanos in February 2012 they formed an amateur song-writing project which later evolved into their band Xolo (pronounced 'show-low'). After a self-titled EP and their debut album Future Home, released in July 2014, yesterday they unveiled their new single called 'Moonless'. Their melodic dream pop sounds beautifully blend with Rebekkah's delicate vocals to form a melancholic and hypnotizing song.  
Check it out below. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pure Morning - The Broadcasting Department Of Philadelphia (Louder)

Pure Morning are a four-piece band from Culiacán, Mexico, who were formed earlier this year. They play 'tweegaze', a mix of tweepop and shoegaze, and are influenced by bands of Sarah Records and shoegaze bands of the 80's and 90's. In mid July they released their debut album, 'The Broadcasting Department Of Philadelphia', whose title evokes a nostalgic feeling for late night radio broadcasts of past decades. It comprises ten fast-paced, fresh sounding tracks that are sure to brighten any dark day. The album is available for streaming on their soundcloud and downloading (pay what you like) on Bandcamp. You can check the entire album and the video for 'Louder' below. 
Listen louder and loved them even louder! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Quieter Than Spiders - Hibakusha

Quieter Than Spiders are a Shangai synthpop band  who use home-made electronic sounds played by hand. Leon Zhang, Yi Fan and Yao have been preparing their debut album, Signs Of Life, which will be out on Anna Logue Records. There is no release date yet, but they've just shared a video for the enchanting 'Hibakusha'. Check it out below. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Static Daydream - Until You're Mine

One of the year's long awaited albums is finally becoming a reality! After releasing the brilliant EP The Only One , Paul Baker and Jamie Casey had been working on songs for an album. Static Daydream's self-titled debut album is set for release via Saint Marie Records with Moon Sounds Records on August 28th. The first single 'Until You're Mine' was premiered a few days ago and it seems like a reflection of the album's divergent character; noisy, distorted guitars and hazy vocals suddenly give way to a calmer pop outro. When asked to give us a few words on the album, Paul Baker said: "I think the album is sonically a bit more varied than the EP, but the overall musical sensibility remains pretty constant. We have some songs that are noisier than what was on the EP, and some that might be considered prettier, or softer, I suppose. The constants are the songwriting and the elements of distorted guitars, reverb and delay effects. I think the album flows really nicely, and if someone sits down and listens from start to finish, everything will make sense. Every song is in its proper place, I believe. I've really enjoyed making it, recording Jamie's wonderful vocals, and working with Jake Reid mixing, mastering, and co-writing and playing on 'When I Turn Around You're Gone'. It's been a great experience, and I hope people will enjoy it!" 
You can check out 'Until You're Mine' below and pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl here.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Interview: Gliss on 'Pale Reflections'

Victoria Cecilia and Martin Klingman are Gliss, a dream pop duo that is releasing its fifth album tomorrow. Although they had been working on music separately - Cecilia being in LA and Martin in Berlin, they managed to create an album that is cohesive and faithful to their fans' as well as their own expectations. Buoyant synths, airy reverb-laden guitars and gorgeous vocals make up an album that you will not be able to quit listening that easily. 
Fp2t had the pleasure to talk to Martin about the new album.
How would you describe the current sound of Gliss?
Martin: The current sound of Gliss is inspired by looking at Rothko's work, riding my bike through the streets of Berlin and of course all life experience. When I look at his work, I imagine long deep dreamy paths that seem never ending. There are many amazing paths here in Berlin and these days and nights all wash together...very much like 'Pale Reflections'...a bit of dirt and beauty woven together...the record turns and floats like a bird leaving the nest in the search of independence. You recently reissued your debut album on the occasion of your 10th anniversary. What has changed and what has remained the same in the course of these years for Gliss? 
MartinKick In Your Heart will always remain a classic for me. The title track is def a gem. It's simple and has a vibe. We recorded the instruments live and then put the vocals on top in my home studio. We have always been quite hands on with our craft. We have changed as people and we have remained the same, just as the music has. I think you can't help but grow and explore in life and in music. What seems like a victory today, can appear a failure down the road and vice versa. The Velvet Underground are a classic example of people doing something off the main road and eventually finding a larger audience. There are things that explode overnight and are never to return. It's all a mystery to me. Our music has always held an element of loss, while holding the light of hope. Anyone that has lived an adventurous life has seen the ups and downs that reflect this impression. Victoria sings quite a bit these days and has become a very accomplished mixer. She mixed the album, which is wonderful. We love working on the records in the complete journey.  
Is there anything new about the creation of this album? Has anything changed in the writing or recording process? 
Martin: I guess working on two continents can be a bit of a change. I flew back to LA to work on the record last year. I pretty much slept on a couch and looked out the window to a beautiful view of Griffith Observatory. I'd get up, have a coffee and start recording until I realized I'd forgotten to eat. Then I would come back to was a good experience. Once I was back in Berlin, we kept working on the final bits. Harmonies, synth parts, beats...I think you just keep at it until you say...wait, I think it's done...Let's mix it and get the artwork together. It was really an adventure. I did the design of the cover and Victoria mixed the record, so we really shared the complete making of the album. This is my favorite part about it this time. Just doing what we feel on our own and letting it be. It's a very honest record.
As music writers, where do you place more importance, on the lyrics or the music?
Martin: I always place the greatest importance on melody. If there is no melody I lose interest. Lyrics come second and they are having a greater and greater level of importance for me. I started taking a writing course and found myself loving telling stories and expressing this other side that I really had no idea existed. The professor was very encouraging and he just pushed me to expand and explore. That's my motto these days: Expand & Explore ! I like not second guessing my initial ideas. This is important for me now in my life. I found my best work was right there as the pen went to paper or the recording was happening. My best ideas happen when I am in the moment forgetting about what will be tomorrow and where I will be in 20 years, let alone, next week. I moved from LA to Berlin and they are quite similar in many regards. They are also very different. It shakes the ground you walk on and opens a new layer of the man you are and the man you yearn to be. I hear about people finding themselves in Berlin, but then they leave and go on to do what it is that they discovered about themselves. Then there are others that just never leave and bask in the glory of a very open and closed culture. It's a bit a mix between New Year's Eve and church. Very celebratory !!
What is 'mirrored' in 'Pale Reflections'?
Martin: Victoria wrote the lyrics for 'Pale Reflections' and I have a feeling she wouldn't expand too much on it. It's a track that def has weight and sincerity. It sums up Gliss in many ways. The dark beauty as the ship sails into the night. She comes from the north of Denmark, the very tip, where the ocean roars with distant winds and isolation from the popular world. You can imagine the level of creativity this would corrupt within you. I hear it in her writing and it's very profound. Respect, all respect. I love the synth ideas and breaks in the track 'Mirrored'. It feels like the ice is shattering around you and you realize, wait !! Life is short, so let's fucking explore the vast edges of the world while we can. Let's go !!! Which city do you find more inspiring?
Martin: That's a tough question for me. My inspiration generally comes from having time alone. After I have gone on the adventure and settled back down in my cave, I can then let it come out. It usually happens early in the morning when I have not fully woken up and the dreams of a child still exist. The boy that believes in the world beyond takes over and spills out these melodies and chords. To be in a childlike state is a good place when writing. The last thing I want to be doing when I am writing is considering things from a logical point of view. Let the poet be the fool & let the fool dance. Cue the music!
Which bands have you been listening to lately?
Martin: I listened a great deal to Ariel Pink this year for current releases. He went to an Arts school in California where some of my friends went and it doesn't surprise me one bit how creative and fearless he can be with his music. Ja, I love it, he allows me to go to that place of a child and get lost in it. That's very rare. I saw him play in Berlin and it was such a beautiful combination of genius and chaos. It worked...I felt like I'd been through some sort of serious journey in the end. I just rode my bike home in silence. Other music I have been digging into is Vessel, early Nick Cave...the first two records are incredible, lots of Stereolab and always classical music.
What does the near future hold for Gliss? What are your next plans?
Martin: The future involves writing, traveling, shows and working on another record. We are meeting up very soon...I can't wait! We are already working on a new one. We like to keep going and staying creative. I have tons of songs I have written here in Berlin and can't wait to start seeing which ones will work with Victoria's ideas. She just sent me some incredible basic tracks yesterday. We are lucky to need music. I don't choose it, it chooses me. I am also looking at some more classes to take. I love learning... What would you like people who listen to your new album to take with them?
Martin: I assume the noble request is to go out and do what interests them and to follow their hearts regardless of the world. If you want to start gardening then go do it and to learn how to fly, just go for it. The biggest hurdle is the first step. Once you take it, things start to change. I am excited about the unknown...the part of life we can't see. So take with you what you want, its your life, but just be freundlich. 

'Pale Reflections' is available digitally and on CD via the duo’s own label Kraftwööd. The first 100 albums will be numbered, signed and include handwritten lyrics for 1 song, so hurry up and order your copy here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Interview: Future on 'Horizons'

We first heard of Future in 2013 when they released their EP Abyss and had since been looking forward to their next work. May 2015 was finally the time for the French trio's debut album 'Horizons' to come out. A stunning debut that was totally worth the wait. Yann Canévet (bass + voice), Brice Delourmel (guitar) and Pauline La Chaceray (keyboard) know how to mix cold wave with noise pop, fractured drums with sharp guitar riffs, hazy vocals with acute lyrics. Although Yann is also a member of Maria False and Venera 4 and Brice also plays in DEAD and Giirls, 'Future' have managed to create a sound that is unique and proper to them. So, it was normal for us to be intrigued and want to know more about them and they kindly agreed to answer some of our questions. Here's what we asked them:
Yann and Brice, you're both on other projects and yet 'Future' have a distinct sound of their own. How do you manage to keep that distance?
Yann : Our projects are really distinct, we work with different persons. I think it's more about what we want, we really follow our desires, we are free. If we have different projects it’s to explore different sounds. When we have to focus on a sound or texture to please someone, we can't be bothered.
Brice : Yes, you're right, each project is really different, with different style even if we are all focused on shoegaze and wall of sound.
Your debut album is called 'Horizons'. What does the word mean to you?
Yann : To look beyond.
Brice : Haha, this word means to me that the horizon is so far away that we cannot see it. It's like we are walking in an unknown place, in a blurry future.
Where do you find inspiration to write music?
Yann : It just comes like that, it's in my head.
Brice : I think it's just feelings. You know each sound is fully realised when we play together even if we record alone at home.
Do you have a favorite song on the album?
Yann : Not really I guess.
Pauline : I think it's 'Horizons' and 'Try it'. 'Horizons' for the fuzzy and vibrant sound. And 'Try it' for the smooth and chilled vibe, like the opening credits of a 90’s TV show. It kinda reminds me the atmosphere of the song 'How soon is now?' from The Smiths. I love this song. No comparison with it obviously!
Brice : I think it is 'Side Effects'. It's like a trance as if you couldn't control your body when you're listenning to it. Your songs are in English. Have you ever been 'tempted' to write in French?
Yann : I don't know, I don't write the lyrics most of the time. Then it's really hard to sing in French and write in French. I don't think I would be able to do that.
Pauline : I might like to try once, we'll see. English is a really expressive language, and I like to play with it. Our songs would probably be really different if they were in French.
Do you follow the current French music scene?
Yann: Yes, mostly bands from the indie french scene for me. We have a collective called "nøthing" regrouping many cool bands who are so motivated to evolve, even without money, help, knowledge but in an ethical way.
Pauline : Yes, I really do. There are so many good bands and good french labels, such as Teenage Menopause Records with Jessica 93, Ventre de Biche, SDZ records with Armure, Spectrometers, In Paradisum with Extreme Precautions, Low Jack, Roger West... The list is too long, but it's great.
How do you write music?
Yann : I don't think we write it. It's the result of a mix of feelings, it depends on the place I am, the moment, the desire, the mood... Our unconscious tells us what to do when someone is playing. We all have our own personality. Then, for me, you might say I'm an asshole, but the best thing is not to be able to write it, not to be able to play the same thing again, and to be looking for the same sound, and at this moment you wish you had someone around to record it.
Pauline : Yann is really inspired, he always has something in mind. Sometimes it's just the result of improvisations when we are all playing in the studio.
Do you prefer the writing process or performing in front of an audience?
Yann : To play our songs in front of an audience.
Pauline : I like both. But performing is really the best time.
You recently played with The KVB and you have a show coming with The Underground Youth. What other bands would you like to meet on stage?
Yann : Not on stage, we couldn't talk to them, they play too loud. But I'd like to play with Kevin Shields. Yeah, I really would like to, to know what is his vision of music, what do they think about all of that.
Pauline : I don't really know. To play with Jessica 93 would be fun. Then PC Worship, Metz, Spray paint. Yes I would love to play with them.
Brice : With the Soft moon again, I guess.
If 'Horizons' were a color, which one would it be?
Yann : Grey.

'Horizons' is available on white virgin vinyl via Requiem Pour Un Twister.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reina Republicana - Mikoyan

Reina Republicana's sophomore album 'El Despertar' was released on March 9th via Limbo Starr. With the collaboration of some of their friends for the lyrics, the Pamplonese band have crafted an album of ten brilliant dream pop tracks aimed to awaken your senses by using lively guitars, dynamic synthesizers and ethereal female vocals. Today they dropped the video for the album's second single, 'Mikoyan', made by Roar!. You can watch it below. 

Finnmark! - Can't Go On

Finnmark! are a four-piece pop band coming from Leeds. Last month they released their debut album 'Things Always Change' on Beko disques. As their name suggests, they draw inspiration from Scandinavia and their sound follows the likes of other nordic indie pop bands. 'Things Always Change' is the essential pop album for the summer (and not only!). You can stream it in its entirety here and watch the brand-new video for 'Can't Go On' - where one can easily notice their fondness for islands of the Swedish archipelago and vintage photography - below. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Craft Spells - Twirl

Craft Spells, Justin Vallesteros' brainchild, dropped a video for 'Twirl', a track off their sophomore album 'Nausea', which was out in October 2014 via Captured Tracks. Directed by Shaun Libman, the video spins around moments in the lives of a girl and a boy and succeeds in transfusing the song's melodic pop vibes. 
Give it a 'spin' below.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hailing from Australia's Brisbane DEAFCULT are a six-piece band that makes some gorgeous shoegaze/noise pop tunes. Their self-titled debut EP just dropped today on Bandcamp and it contains seven tracks brimming with reverb and beautiful boy/girl vocals. 'Turing' will also be included in the upcoming Beko's Oz Do It Better Vol. 2 compilation. Listen to the EP below. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Another Juggle - Dance Sunshine, Dance

Another Juggle is a four-piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark that posted a song on Soundcloud (Dear Laika) in late 2013 and had been 'quiet' ever since. Until recently. Nikolaj, Emil, Anders and Thomas have just dropped 'Dance Sunshine, Dance', a track off their forthcoming debut album. Combining charming, lyrical synth and guitar lines and beautiful vocals with a gleaming 80's sound, they wish to transform the Nordic melancholy into a delicate, silvery and catchy melody. They also unveiled an atmospheric video directed by Peter Scherrebeck Hansen and filmed in the ancient Rudolph Berghs Hospital in Copenhagen. Watch the director's vision of the stories hiding behind the hospital's walls and enjoy the band's excellent dreamy, pop track below. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

There Is Thunder In Our Hearts - Friction

So, here's a cute story made in Stockholm, Sweden: Martin and Lovisa got an apartment together, but it was so small that no matter what they wanted to do they always had to stumble on each other. One day Martin got hold of some Korg Monotrons, a Microkorg and a wonderful Yamaha SK-10 and so they started playing music and creating some noise. And that's how There Is Thunder In Our Hearts were born. Since neither of them was really comfortable singing in front of anyone else, they just recorded some stuff that they pretty much never finished. But then they figured it would be nice to see what it would sound like. They tried some late night singing, but they hated it. So they asked some friends for help. And they got it. First and foremost was Johannes Göthager of the fabulous Darkly, who sings on the 'Friction' EP. Then came Veronica of We.the Pigs and Rådjuret, Johan of Örnsberg and they also made a collaboration song with Magnus of Supertuff and Little Big Adventure. Last summer they released a split cassette with Supertuff, 'The Paris Working​/​Pan​-​ic', on SIppinkollektivet and they did a release show featuring Veronica and Charley (also member of We.the Pigs, Nyom Recordings and The Mare) on vocals. 
On April 25th they released  'Friction', available on super limited edition cassette, which includes two dream pop gems featuring Johannes' always ethereal vocals: with 'All I Touch' your mind will start floating away and 'Friction''s more upbeat tunes will get you even higher towards clear blue skies. Have a listen below. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Loners - Happy People

If you ever want to get away from the world around you and get lost in your thoughts, you should listen to 'Happy People'; it's the debut album by Manchester based young musician Loners. His dreamy, easy listening music is instrumental, which means that he lets the listeners themselves invent the words and imagine the landscapes that his music transports them to. Happy or sad, colourful or gloomy, the emotions are yours to feel... 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

VedeTT - Tuer Les Gens

"It's fragile and it takes time to love someone without emotion". 'Tuer Les Gens' is the title track off France's VedeTT's new album. It doesn't take any time to fall in love with this song. Check it out below. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PREMIERE: Blush Response - Your Room

Blush Response are Alister Douglas, Luke Eygenraam, Tony Marshall and Emily Retsas from beautiful Adelaide, Australia. The band was born out of the conflicting desire to combine catchy pop songs with the ear-splitting sound of speakers tearing themselves apart. Recorded in an Adelaide bedroom, the debut EP, 'Telltale', snuck onto BandCamp in February 2014. While quietly released, the EP was anything but; thick layers of fuzz and reverb decimating the simple pop songs found within. Wasting no time, the band soon followed up with a second EP, 'Dead Air'. The two EPs quickly found their way into the ears and hearts of the online shoegaze community, appearing in a variety of Best of 2014 lists and compilations across the internet. 2015 has already seen the release of 'Blasphemy' on The Blog That Celebrates Itself (Brazil) Autumn Noises compilation, as well as a run of shows with the likes of Lowtide, Contrast, Day Ravies and Mosman Alder reaching a peak with their forthcoming appearance in Roogaze 2015
Fp2t is proud to premiere the video for the band's upcoming single, 'Your Room', which is due for release in June, on Oz Do It Better, Vol. 2 by Beko (France). Feel the fresh, summer breeze fill that room. Watch the video below. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

maria false - Shadows

maria false are a shoegaze/psychedelic quartet hailing from Rennes, France who have released three EPs and have kept quiet ever since. They recently broke their silence and are now ready to launch their album 'When' on May 4th. They have just shared a video that complements 'Shadows', the first track off an album that seems to be the epitome of splendid shoegaze. Check out the video and be on the look-out for more.

Femme Fantasm - Femme Fantasm EP

You can say that the name 'femme fantasm' refers to a female creature that exists only in a person's mind. However, LA's visual artist and musician, Lauren Lunette, uses it to describe her envisionment of music. Created as a solo project in the spring of 2014, Femme Fantasm gave us a sneak peak of her music shortly before the year had expired. 'Ghostdance' and 'Phantasmagoria' were the two songs that immediately drew our attention and had us asking for more. Yesterday she released her debut EP on French indie label Beko Disques, just in time to prove that her long-awaited EP was not a figment of our imagination. 'Ritual You+Me' and 'Moon Weather' are two new songs that add to Femme Fantasm's musical spectrum. Sensual vocals combined with vibrant 80's inspired synth sounds take you on a kaleidoscopic musical journey. Listen and prepare yourselves to dive into the psychedelic, colourful part of your imagination.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Theme Witch - Psychic / Hey Whitney

Music can be a means of catharsis for some people who want to release strong emotions and get some relief of emotional tensions. That is the aim of Tyler Brown, a musician based in Portland, OR with the moniker Theme Witch: to purify you of any pent-up negative feelings and show you the way towards lively, colourful music vibes. His two recently released guitar pop songs, 'Psychic' and 'Hey Whitney', certainly do the trick. Allow yourselves to be carried away by the radiant, powerfully evocative tunes.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dawn Gazers - Dance

Dawn Gazers are an alternative pop band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Giulio (guitar, vocals), Lone (basitar, guitar, vocals), Benjamin (drums) and Federico (bass) aim for an alternative and more raw sound in the direction of 90's alternative rock, characterized by ethereal noise walls, distorted guitars, driving rhythms as well as the sound of a basitar (a guitar with two bass strings used instead of an ordinary bass in the EP and invented by the band President of the United States of America, who are a great inspiration of DG). The EP 'At Starlight' is their first official release and was out March 20th on Italian label I Make Records. The EP is about the feeling you get when you gaze at the stars. Dealing with different existential themes such as the need to break free of the chains of the mundane everyday life, or the fact that no one can define who you are apart from yourself. A collection of melancholic stories about longing for love and longing for meaning wrapped in a quirky pop package with loads of deliberate pop clichés delivered through form, melody and sweet and tender boy-girl vocal harmonizations. The EP is available on most digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.) and on limited edition (150 copies) transparent blue vinyl sold through their Bandcamp. In celebration of Record Store Day, the band just unveiled a video for the second single 'Dance', which was filmed in South Italy by the Amalfi Coast and by Vesuvio as well as in the label's studio where the EP wass recorded. It's a really catchy tune that will make you (guess what?) dance, dance, dance! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chrisfamiliar ft. Death in Saturn - Crystal

Chrisfamiliar and Death in Saturn worked together in Miami based band Kodiak Fur. The product of the time they spent together is 'Crystal', a mesmerizing electronic track which is Chrisfamiliar's first release as a solo producer. Their approach to production is minimal and most of this was recorded with a headphone mic. There were additional drum edits done by Steven Sanz. While they are planning on releasing a few more collaborations by the end of the year, Death in Saturn recently released a debut EP called 'A Loss Of Blood', which has a darker synthwave touch. Check out all the tracks over their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages below.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Musique Le Pop - Same About You

Hailing from Norway Musique Le Pop's members are producers and songwriters Christoffer Schou, Jon Kristian Furuheim and Elisabeth Thorsen. The trio has for many years collaborated in different projects, like Remington Super 60 and Safariari, but wanted to combine forces in a more focused way, and the result is Musique Le Pop. Their music combines different genres, like twee, 60s pop, dance music and indie. They have just released a new single 'Same About You', which was recorded in a small house in Finnmark (as far north as it is possible to get in Norway), where the band’s lead singer Elisabeth’s family originally is from – she is half Sápmi (Norwegian native) herself. The band, which is normally based in the south of Norway, went there to find inspiration and create new songs. While staying in Finnmark, the band binge-watched 'Twin Peaks' every night. Inspired by Julee Cruise’s haunting vocals that are omnipresent in the show, the band decided to make a song with the same vibe, and the result is 'Same About You'. On the single you can also find a wonderful remix from Jon’s side-project Safariari. Listen to the beautiful song below.