Monday, August 24, 2015

Skymningar - Skymningar EP

Ever wondered what the Swedish twilight might sound like? Well, here's a band that will give you a good example. Skymningar is Christian Augustin (Totalt Jävla Mörker), Pär Isling Poromaa (Väärt) and Anders Winterstam (So.So.) and they make beautiful synthpop.

"An autumn evening in Umeå. I cross the bridge leading to the city. The train tracks are northbound. The announcer from the station has no audience. The sun sinks into the horizon, leaving people in uncertainty. We have a cup of coffee and start creating music. Outside the balcony window a shadow world is emerging. That is what we are trying to make music about, and escape from.", says Pär

Their debut self-titled EP was released a few days ago and it contains 4 synthpop tracks, that will lift from you any burden of an overwhelming reality. You can stream/buy the EP on their Bandcamp and watch the official video for 'Sisyfos' below.

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