Monday, December 14, 2015

Echolust - Zombie Birds

Echolust, Philip Obando and Armond Angeles' post-punk/darkwave project from Long Beach, CA have just shared a new single called 'Zombie Birds.' The track 'flies' under futuristic yet 80's reminiscent skies of dynamic synths and powerful guitars. 
Check it out below. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Bands To Watch for 2015

Top 20 Albums:
1. Static Daydream, Static Daydream
2. Dråpe, Relax/Relapse
3. This Love Is Deadly, Want
4. Westkust, Last Forever
5. YAST, My Dreams Did Finally Come True
6. Cemeteries, Barrow
7. Future, Horizons 
8. A Place To Bury Strangers, Transfixiation
9. Venera 4, Eidôlon
10. Club 8, Pleasure
11. Pure Morning, The Broadcasting Department of Philadelphia
12. Grave Pool, Mnemonics
13. Shoreline Is, Watch It All Go
14. Gliss, Pale Reflections
15. Maria False, When
16. Fever Dream, Moyamoya
17. Reina Republicana, El Despertar
18. Tiny Fireflies, The Space Between
19. GROOMS, Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair
20. Finnmark!, Things Always Change

Top 20 EPs/Singles:
1. Flyying Colours, ROYGBIV EP
2. Talking Bush, Ordinary Unusual EP
3. Air Formation, Were We Ever Here
4. Lost Tapes, Lost In Youth
5. The Silent Love, Whisper*
6. Communions, Communions EP
7. The Foreign Resort, The American Dream
8. Everything Fades, Here's To A New Tomorrow
9. Giirls, Far Life
10. Velódromo, Velódromo EP
11. Femme Fantasm, Femme Fantasm
12. mandarinaduck, Gardensouls
13. Trementina, SPD
14. Dead Sea, EP1
15. Leave The Planet, Winter Sleep 
16. Light FM, Pointless EP
17. Life Model, Lilt/Enough (To Know)
18. Two Moons Merging, Remembrance
19. Hideous Towns, Heart Attack/Skin 
20. Snow In Mexico, Juno Beach

Enjoy the music and don't forget to support the artists; buy their music and go to their gigs!

*'Whisper' came out a few days ago and was therefore hard to be included in the albums list.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

PREMIERE: The Silent Love - Unloved

The silent love is Ganesha Mahendra's solo indiepop project coming to you alll the way from Jakarta, Indonesia. His influences of The Field Mice, Brighter or Blueboy are evident in his music, though he has acquired a distinctive sound for himself  making music for some time now. It is easy to distinguish his songs among others; cheerful guitar melodies, bright synths and lovely vocals are the basic ingredients to a recipe that never fails. 
FP2T is excited to bring you the premiere of 'Unloved', the new single off TSL's sophomore album 'Whisper'. It is a song dedicated to people who dream about being in love and cannot leave anyone untouched. 
The 8-track album will be out on CD on January 4th 2016 via the French label Beko Disques and available to pre-order this Friday. 
Check out the beautiful video for 'Unloved' below.