Friday, April 27, 2018

Holy Now - Think I Need The Light

Holy Now are an indie-pop quartet (Julia Olander, Ylva Holmdahl, Samuel von Bahr Jemth, Hampus Eiderström Swahn) from Gothenburg, Sweden and today is the day they are releasing their debut album Think I Need The Light
Indie-pop fans will find the album to be lavish in upbeat, shimmering guitars and drum beats accompanied by Julia Olander's distinctive voice. Inspired by Gothenburg rain, heartbreaks and friendship, the 8-track album feels like looking at the future through cherry blossoms.
Think I Need The Light is available on limited edition vinyl and CD via Lazy Octopus Records and on various listening platforms. The album is already among our favourites of the year. Be sure to check it out below! 

Dose - Furniture

Dose are an experimental noise-rock band from Newcastle. They have been together under many iterations since 2015, blending art rock, krautrock and slowcore into one melodically obscure effect. Furniture is their latest single, which was released in February and is officially out today on 7" vinyl via A Turntable Friend Records
Inspired by the experience of playing in their squalid, decaying practice space, Furniture was written by Sean Turland and Ewan Barr and recorded at Suburban Home Studio with MJ from Hookworms. The full band includes bassist Matthew Collerton, guitar/synth/samples from Sam Campbell and drummer Joe Donkin. 
Both 'Furniture' and 'Opaque' are drenched in melodic guitars spiraling around Ewan’s spoken word overlapping Sean’s distant vocals building up an emotionally dynamic atmosphere. 
Check out  the single and the video for 'Furniture' below! 

Friday, April 13, 2018

En Attendant Ana - Lost and Found

It's not very often that I stumble upon French garage/indie-pop bands, but here is a quintet that instantly caught my attention. En Attendant Ana come from Paris and after their 2016 EP Songs From The Cave they are releasing today their debut album Lost and Found
If you are fans of Electrelane or Veronica Falls, you will enjoy the album's lively guitar tunes and trumpets. Lost and Found is out now in vinyl on French labels Buddy Records and Montagne Sacrée and in June on American Trouble In Mind
You can stream the album and watch the video for 'The Violence Inside' below. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Foliage - It's Time

Foliage is the solo project of San Bernardino, CA songwriter/musician Manuel Joseph Walker, who released his impressive sophomore album Silence in July 2017. He just announced the upcoming release of his third album III in late April 2018 and shared the first single, 'It's Time'. Faithful to the jangle/dream pop sound he's so far produced, the single is an introduction to something beautiful to come. 
Check it out below. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

The BV's - Interpunktion EP

After the success of their debut album Speaking From A Distance in April 2017, German band The BV's are releasing today their brand new EP 'Interpunktion' on Augsburg label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. The 5-track EP is the result of recording sessions at Bear Cave Studio in Cologne, during the band’s tour with The Luxembourg Signal in September 2017. The EP includes two tracks planned to be recorded in the studio as well as three extra ones, which were improvised and recorded live in one take.

Pressed on clear vinyl and limited to 200 hand-numbered copies, each EP comes with unique, handmade artwork by The BV’s guitarist/singer Fred, consisting of a handprinted monoprint on A1 tracing paper, cut into seven pieces.  The digital edition comes with its own artwork, also designed by Fred. 

'Interpunktion' resembles a sonic journey through jangly-gazey-pop sounds where the listener is invited to imagine and add their own "punctuation". Have a listen below!