Thursday, March 26, 2015

Twin Studies - Attic Room / Space Girl

If you've never heard of Twin Studies before, it's high time you did. Jay, Jacob, Aubry and Stephen come from Atlanta, GA and they make great shoegaze/dream pop music. A year ago they released their first EP 'Precious Places'. Yesterday they dropped a new single, 'Attic Room / Space Girl'. Drawing influence from Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, these two tracks are live evidence that the band are taking their music one step ahead. Fuzzy, dynamic guitars and just the right amount of reverb accompany Aubry's dreamy vocals. Have a listen here. 

Grave Pool - Neon Summers

Grave Pool, Devan Köchersperger's new solo project, recently released his debut album 'Mnemonics' on 80s Ladies Records. Today they premiered another video from one of the best dream pop albums of the year (in our humble opinion). 'Neon Summers' is one of the liveliest and danciest tracks of the album and now has a matching video with footage from 'The Lost Boys' film. If you are reminiscent of the past and longing for the summer, you won't need a mnemonics device to remember this catchy tune.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dear Tracks - Moment Of Clarity

Remember Dear Tracks? They come from Grand Rapids, MI and we first met them last month when they released their first EP 'Wildflower'. They're back! This time with 'Moment Of Clarity' and they are making it clear that they are here to stay. Hazy vocals, vibrant synths and buoyant guitar riffs make up the ingredients of this dream pop gem.

The single is set for release on April 1st on cassette tape and it will be digitally featured on various compilations. In the meantime, the band have scheduled their first tour in April, so if you are lucky enough to be anywhere near them, don't miss them. 
Listen to 'Moment Of Clarity' and you will find out why they are becoming one of the bands we will be definitely checking up on.

PREMIERE: Jon Kohen - With Monsters At My Heels

Jon Kohen is a young musician from Boston, MA. He plays acoustic music over ambient electronica. His music is comprised of acoustic guitar and soft vocals over subtle electronic drones, beats and samples drawing influence from Elliot Smith and The Postal Service. His debut album 'Dead Reckoning' is scheduled for release on April 13th. Searchlight is the first single off the album, which follows The Heart of the Machine, an EP which came out last June. 
 Today we premiere the video for 'With Monsters At My Heels' directed by talented Michael O'Connor. A metaphorical song about moving on that could be a part of a compilation of poems dressed in equally evocative music. And a video that succeeds in visualizing this atmosphere. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The 0ffering - I Wasn't Built To Fall Apart

Virginia's Andrew Cooke and Charles Pinto, aka The 0ffering, already have a full-length LP and an EP under their belt. They recently announced the release of their upcoming album 'Re' and offered us a few samples of their music. With Static Daydream's Paul Baker's contribution to the mastering, the album is not likely to fall short of our expectations. Here's 'I Wasn't Built To Fall Apart', an excellent sample of fresh sounding, magnificent noise pop. 

Shark Logic - Penny

Vocalist Tom Kennedy and guitarist Tim Leesam form Southern England-hailing duo Shark Logic. They started making music in 2010 without limiting themselves to one single music genre. After two EPs taking their music to different directions, they have just released their debut album 'Salt The Earth', which is full of droning dirge like moods that loom over ominous beats like a serial killer on the prowl in a 1980's horror flick. 'Penny' is the first single from the album and channels the spirits of Suicide, Skinny Puppy and L.A. experimental outfit Health. The single will be released as a limited edition cassette single accompanied by the captivating B-side 'Fissures' via Custom Made Music. Watch the video for 'Penny', a dark, haunting track and stream their debut album over at Bandcamp.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wild Ways - Enough Is Enough Is

Wild Ways are an electronic/New Wave/dark pop duo from Vancouver, Canada. After two EPs they released their debut full-length album 'There It Is' in November 2014. Using vintage analog gear, the duo's common interest is to make people move. With this album they can rest assured that their goal is achieved. Hazy vocals, fuzzy guitars and vibrant synths compose an album you will want to hear in its entirety. Enjoy the opening track 'Enough Is Enough Is'. It will get you on your feet in no time. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Talking Bush - Overgrow

Russia's up and coming dream pop talent Talking Bush is back with another track off his debut EP 'Ordinary Unusual' that will be released later this year on a big U.S. label. With lyrics resembling a poem and synths of bliss, this highly emotional pop masterpiece will instantly grow on you!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lost Tapes - Lost In Youth EP + Interview

Today we got our hands on the new Lost Tapes 7" Limited Edition EP and we were pleasantly surprised by a)the amazing package that BoxBedroomRebels catered for and b)the superb songs that we heard. Lost Tapes are an indie pop duo from Spain. RJ Sinclair and Pau Roca have been making rad music for the past two years and they caught our 'ear' with their previous releases on Cloudberry Records and Beko Disques. After listening to the new EP we had a little chat with RJ. 
Fp2t: So, how did you start the band? 
RJ: Well, I’ve known Pau from a long time ago; we used to meet in different summer festivals but we just hung out, you know. And by talking , we saw we got a lot of similar influences and we liked the same bands. We started the band in Madrid where he was living in that moment...2 years ago. I had some ideas for another band. I was in a really dark and bad time then and Pau talked to me and he told me we could record the songs that I had at that moment and we should try to run a new band together. Now he's living in Valencia again, we're just 3 hours away from each other. I live in a small town, south of Barcelona, so I get a train directly to Valencia and in just 3 hours I’m there… We used to record our music where Pau was; we started in Madrid and now we're doing the sessions in Valencia. 
Fp2t: So 'Lost Tapes'...Where did you get your name from? 
RJ: You know, when you start playing with a band, it's the last thing you do..I mean we were recording our first songs and it's like always you got a show and... " Damn it, we don't have a we have to find something cool". Our first name was horrible, something like ‘The Black Museum Shop’... it was our dark and noisy period. Finally, we decided to change the name before the first show. 'Lost Tapes' is more like us. You know, we're coming from a tape generation, before the CDs. Tapes were the actual internet. We were crazy fans of music, listening to tons and tons of music…Before the internet, people did mixtapes and the name comes from that period… something to say we miss those things. 'Lost Tapes', means something like that…our lost mixtapes... 
Fp2t: When you wrote ‘Lost In Youth’ what did you have in mind?

RJ: Mmm.. it's an old idea, I mean the riff of guitars. Pau got the riff but we didn't record the song until last year. We had in mind to do something similar to bands from New Zealand that we love, like The Cleaners or in this case The Chills. We wanted to play our own ‘Pink Frost’. We got lots of influence from different kinds of music, one of them is the 80's, pop bands from that decade. 
Fp2t: This EP is a bit different from what we're used to from Lost Tapes. There a lot of different sounds. Does this mean that Lost Tapes are not just another indie pop band? 
RJ: Yes, we recorded ‘Lost In Youth’ and ‘Slumber Party’ and another song that eventually we didn't finish, but after we talked to the record label, they explained to us that it was a 7" EP 33rpm so we needed more songs.. So they asked for old songs that we had never put out. So maybe that's the reason for the difference between the songs. 
Fp2t: ‘Dreaming On The Waves’ gives the EP a more shoegazey touch. ‘Cry & Lie’, the bonus track, too. 
RJ: Well, we’ve always been related with the shoegaze and dream pop scene. We say we play music that we like to play, music that we'd love to listen to. 
Fp2t: Music to get lost in… So, what are the things you get lost in? 
RJ: Innocence 
[RJ copies the lyrics of ‘Lost In Youth’] 
Fp2t: And if you were to do some kind of 'mixtape' of your favourite things, what would these be? 
RJ: You know, you always get great memories from your early years. When you're young you think everything sucks, but now I’d love to be back. And most of these things make you lose your innocence because the past will not be back again and you got special memories about the good things... We grew up in the 90's. Everything was special. Everything was a discovery…Of course now I say I’d want to be back, but of course with the experience that I got now. But this is impossible. 
Fp2t: So your music is your means of going back to those days... 
RJ: My first shows, my first records, my first music magazines. Music was the most important thing for me. I was like a sponge. My first show was the Rollings band. I was a hardcore kid but I really didn't care about anything. One day it was a Fugazi show, the day after it was Gigolo Aunts. Pop, indie, punk, hardcore, folk, hip hop…whatever was good for me if I thought that the bands were good enough. 
Fp2t: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? 
RJ: Puff... I don't know…doing records with Kanye West and Beck. [Laughs] I'm a country guy, I don't have too many future ideas. I'm taking everything step by step. 
Fp2t: What should Lost Tapes fans expect from you in the near future? 
RJ: I hope great songs. That's the most important thing for us, to record great songs. 
Fp2t: Do you have any other releases scheduled for this year? 
RJ: We're going to start recording our debut album this month. We got most of the songs, I mean demos. We've played these songs on our shows. I think 'She’s Over Guitars' could be a single off the new album. We also have to record a cover of Rose Meldberg for a February Records compilation. And we'll put out an LP compilation of our best singles before our first album including 2 bonus tracks on Shelflife Records, from Portland, OR. 
Fp2t: Any shows? 
RJ: This year we will be at Primavera Sound and we'll do it with a band, less electronic stuff and drums and bass players. We’re looking forward to the experience! 

Be sure to catch them on one of their shows and listen to the smashing first track off the EP here.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Eternal Death - Violence

Eternal Death is the latest addition in Swedish indie label's, Labrador, list of artists. Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård make up the synth pop duo from Sweden who have just released their debut self-titled album. Today we present you the video for 'Violence' made by Jonas Börjesson of the Video Dept.. In Berlin's words, 'Violence' is about "the dark life. About searching for something, anything. Always afraid of not doing enough, being enough. The feeling of total tranquility, almost paralysis, in the midst of hectic stress and excitement." A fiery display of colours and images matching the explosive vocals and synths. Watch the video below.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Venera 4 - Eidôlon

Venera 4 is a french multifaceted quartet. Their universe combines several sounds between female voices and shrill guitars; sensuality and strength. Two boys, two girls, meeting in noisy pop songs with a delicate sense of color... and darkness. They just released their long-awaited debut album 'Eidôlon' along with a new video to celebrate the occasion. Made by Morgane Caux and Thibaud Kubarek, the video is a great representation of the group's mentality and the 'eidôlon' of their album. Accept the invitation to an introspective journey and dive into a mirror of radiant sounds. Who knows what you will 'see' in there... 

Cre·scen·do: Second Full-length Album Announcement

Los Angeles-based Shoegaze/Dreampop/Dreamgaze band, Cre·scen·do , announced today the date of their second full length album, which is set to drop on June 2, 2015 on We Were Never Being Boring Records (WWNBB).

Along with the release, the band will be playing the following dates: 
  • The first ever DreamGaze Festival 2015 in Southern California on March 6. 
  • Support for Nic Hessler’s [Catwalk] Captured Tracks Album Release Party at The Echo (Promoted by Part Time Punks) on April 19. 
  • A United States West Coast tour in late-June. 
  • A European tour in October.

You can also check their debut album, Lost Thoughts, on Bandcamp and buy the 12"vinyl available on their website.