Thursday, May 7, 2015

There Is Thunder In Our Hearts - Friction

So, here's a cute story made in Stockholm, Sweden: Martin and Lovisa got an apartment together, but it was so small that no matter what they wanted to do they always had to stumble on each other. One day Martin got hold of some Korg Monotrons, a Microkorg and a wonderful Yamaha SK-10 and so they started playing music and creating some noise. And that's how There Is Thunder In Our Hearts were born. Since neither of them was really comfortable singing in front of anyone else, they just recorded some stuff that they pretty much never finished. But then they figured it would be nice to see what it would sound like. They tried some late night singing, but they hated it. So they asked some friends for help. And they got it. First and foremost was Johannes Göthager of the fabulous Darkly, who sings on the 'Friction' EP. Then came Veronica of We.the Pigs and Rådjuret, Johan of Örnsberg and they also made a collaboration song with Magnus of Supertuff and Little Big Adventure. Last summer they released a split cassette with Supertuff, 'The Paris Working​/​Pan​-​ic', on SIppinkollektivet and they did a release show featuring Veronica and Charley (also member of We.the Pigs, Nyom Recordings and The Mare) on vocals. 
On April 25th they released  'Friction', available on super limited edition cassette, which includes two dream pop gems featuring Johannes' always ethereal vocals: with 'All I Touch' your mind will start floating away and 'Friction''s more upbeat tunes will get you even higher towards clear blue skies. Have a listen below. 

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