Friday, April 24, 2015

Femme Fantasm - Femme Fantasm EP

You can say that the name 'femme fantasm' refers to a female creature that exists only in a person's mind. However, LA's visual artist and musician, Lauren Lunette, uses it to describe her envisionment of music. Created as a solo project in the spring of 2014, Femme Fantasm gave us a sneak peak of her music shortly before the year had expired. 'Ghostdance' and 'Phantasmagoria' were the two songs that immediately drew our attention and had us asking for more. Yesterday she released her debut EP on French indie label Beko Disques, just in time to prove that her long-awaited EP was not a figment of our imagination. 'Ritual You+Me' and 'Moon Weather' are two new songs that add to Femme Fantasm's musical spectrum. Sensual vocals combined with vibrant 80's inspired synth sounds take you on a kaleidoscopic musical journey. Listen and prepare yourselves to dive into the psychedelic, colourful part of your imagination.

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