Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dawn Gazers - Dance

Dawn Gazers are an alternative pop band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Giulio (guitar, vocals), Lone (basitar, guitar, vocals), Benjamin (drums) and Federico (bass) aim for an alternative and more raw sound in the direction of 90's alternative rock, characterized by ethereal noise walls, distorted guitars, driving rhythms as well as the sound of a basitar (a guitar with two bass strings used instead of an ordinary bass in the EP and invented by the band President of the United States of America, who are a great inspiration of DG). The EP 'At Starlight' is their first official release and was out March 20th on Italian label I Make Records. The EP is about the feeling you get when you gaze at the stars. Dealing with different existential themes such as the need to break free of the chains of the mundane everyday life, or the fact that no one can define who you are apart from yourself. A collection of melancholic stories about longing for love and longing for meaning wrapped in a quirky pop package with loads of deliberate pop clichés delivered through form, melody and sweet and tender boy-girl vocal harmonizations. The EP is available on most digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.) and on limited edition (150 copies) transparent blue vinyl sold through their Bandcamp. In celebration of Record Store Day, the band just unveiled a video for the second single 'Dance', which was filmed in South Italy by the Amalfi Coast and by Vesuvio as well as in the label's studio where the EP wass recorded. It's a really catchy tune that will make you (guess what?) dance, dance, dance! 

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