Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PREMIERE: Blush Response - Your Room

Blush Response are Alister Douglas, Luke Eygenraam, Tony Marshall and Emily Retsas from beautiful Adelaide, Australia. The band was born out of the conflicting desire to combine catchy pop songs with the ear-splitting sound of speakers tearing themselves apart. Recorded in an Adelaide bedroom, the debut EP, 'Telltale', snuck onto BandCamp in February 2014. While quietly released, the EP was anything but; thick layers of fuzz and reverb decimating the simple pop songs found within. Wasting no time, the band soon followed up with a second EP, 'Dead Air'. The two EPs quickly found their way into the ears and hearts of the online shoegaze community, appearing in a variety of Best of 2014 lists and compilations across the internet. 2015 has already seen the release of 'Blasphemy' on The Blog That Celebrates Itself (Brazil) Autumn Noises compilation, as well as a run of shows with the likes of Lowtide, Contrast, Day Ravies and Mosman Alder reaching a peak with their forthcoming appearance in Roogaze 2015
Fp2t is proud to premiere the video for the band's upcoming single, 'Your Room', which is due for release in June, on Oz Do It Better, Vol. 2 by Beko (France). Feel the fresh, summer breeze fill that room. Watch the video below. 

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