Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Interview: Future on 'Horizons'

We first heard of Future in 2013 when they released their EP Abyss and had since been looking forward to their next work. May 2015 was finally the time for the French trio's debut album 'Horizons' to come out. A stunning debut that was totally worth the wait. Yann Canévet (bass + voice), Brice Delourmel (guitar) and Pauline La Chaceray (keyboard) know how to mix cold wave with noise pop, fractured drums with sharp guitar riffs, hazy vocals with acute lyrics. Although Yann is also a member of Maria False and Venera 4 and Brice also plays in DEAD and Giirls, 'Future' have managed to create a sound that is unique and proper to them. So, it was normal for us to be intrigued and want to know more about them and they kindly agreed to answer some of our questions. Here's what we asked them:
Yann and Brice, you're both on other projects and yet 'Future' have a distinct sound of their own. How do you manage to keep that distance?
Yann : Our projects are really distinct, we work with different persons. I think it's more about what we want, we really follow our desires, we are free. If we have different projects it’s to explore different sounds. When we have to focus on a sound or texture to please someone, we can't be bothered.
Brice : Yes, you're right, each project is really different, with different style even if we are all focused on shoegaze and wall of sound.
Your debut album is called 'Horizons'. What does the word mean to you?
Yann : To look beyond.
Brice : Haha, this word means to me that the horizon is so far away that we cannot see it. It's like we are walking in an unknown place, in a blurry future.
Where do you find inspiration to write music?
Yann : It just comes like that, it's in my head.
Brice : I think it's just feelings. You know each sound is fully realised when we play together even if we record alone at home.
Do you have a favorite song on the album?
Yann : Not really I guess.
Pauline : I think it's 'Horizons' and 'Try it'. 'Horizons' for the fuzzy and vibrant sound. And 'Try it' for the smooth and chilled vibe, like the opening credits of a 90’s TV show. It kinda reminds me the atmosphere of the song 'How soon is now?' from The Smiths. I love this song. No comparison with it obviously!
Brice : I think it is 'Side Effects'. It's like a trance as if you couldn't control your body when you're listenning to it. Your songs are in English. Have you ever been 'tempted' to write in French?
Yann : I don't know, I don't write the lyrics most of the time. Then it's really hard to sing in French and write in French. I don't think I would be able to do that.
Pauline : I might like to try once, we'll see. English is a really expressive language, and I like to play with it. Our songs would probably be really different if they were in French.
Do you follow the current French music scene?
Yann: Yes, mostly bands from the indie french scene for me. We have a collective called "nøthing" regrouping many cool bands who are so motivated to evolve, even without money, help, knowledge but in an ethical way.
Pauline : Yes, I really do. There are so many good bands and good french labels, such as Teenage Menopause Records with Jessica 93, Ventre de Biche, SDZ records with Armure, Spectrometers, In Paradisum with Extreme Precautions, Low Jack, Roger West... The list is too long, but it's great.
How do you write music?
Yann : I don't think we write it. It's the result of a mix of feelings, it depends on the place I am, the moment, the desire, the mood... Our unconscious tells us what to do when someone is playing. We all have our own personality. Then, for me, you might say I'm an asshole, but the best thing is not to be able to write it, not to be able to play the same thing again, and to be looking for the same sound, and at this moment you wish you had someone around to record it.
Pauline : Yann is really inspired, he always has something in mind. Sometimes it's just the result of improvisations when we are all playing in the studio.
Do you prefer the writing process or performing in front of an audience?
Yann : To play our songs in front of an audience.
Pauline : I like both. But performing is really the best time.
You recently played with The KVB and you have a show coming with The Underground Youth. What other bands would you like to meet on stage?
Yann : Not on stage, we couldn't talk to them, they play too loud. But I'd like to play with Kevin Shields. Yeah, I really would like to, to know what is his vision of music, what do they think about all of that.
Pauline : I don't really know. To play with Jessica 93 would be fun. Then PC Worship, Metz, Spray paint. Yes I would love to play with them.
Brice : With the Soft moon again, I guess.
If 'Horizons' were a color, which one would it be?
Yann : Grey.

'Horizons' is available on white virgin vinyl via Requiem Pour Un Twister.

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