Thursday, April 30, 2015

VedeTT - Tuer Les Gens

"It's fragile and it takes time to love someone without emotion". 'Tuer Les Gens' is the title track off France's VedeTT's new album. It doesn't take any time to fall in love with this song. Check it out below. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PREMIERE: Blush Response - Your Room

Blush Response are Alister Douglas, Luke Eygenraam, Tony Marshall and Emily Retsas from beautiful Adelaide, Australia. The band was born out of the conflicting desire to combine catchy pop songs with the ear-splitting sound of speakers tearing themselves apart. Recorded in an Adelaide bedroom, the debut EP, 'Telltale', snuck onto BandCamp in February 2014. While quietly released, the EP was anything but; thick layers of fuzz and reverb decimating the simple pop songs found within. Wasting no time, the band soon followed up with a second EP, 'Dead Air'. The two EPs quickly found their way into the ears and hearts of the online shoegaze community, appearing in a variety of Best of 2014 lists and compilations across the internet. 2015 has already seen the release of 'Blasphemy' on The Blog That Celebrates Itself (Brazil) Autumn Noises compilation, as well as a run of shows with the likes of Lowtide, Contrast, Day Ravies and Mosman Alder reaching a peak with their forthcoming appearance in Roogaze 2015
Fp2t is proud to premiere the video for the band's upcoming single, 'Your Room', which is due for release in June, on Oz Do It Better, Vol. 2 by Beko (France). Feel the fresh, summer breeze fill that room. Watch the video below. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

maria false - Shadows

maria false are a shoegaze/psychedelic quartet hailing from Rennes, France who have released three EPs and have kept quiet ever since. They recently broke their silence and are now ready to launch their album 'When' on May 4th. They have just shared a video that complements 'Shadows', the first track off an album that seems to be the epitome of splendid shoegaze. Check out the video and be on the look-out for more.

Femme Fantasm - Femme Fantasm EP

You can say that the name 'femme fantasm' refers to a female creature that exists only in a person's mind. However, LA's visual artist and musician, Lauren Lunette, uses it to describe her envisionment of music. Created as a solo project in the spring of 2014, Femme Fantasm gave us a sneak peak of her music shortly before the year had expired. 'Ghostdance' and 'Phantasmagoria' were the two songs that immediately drew our attention and had us asking for more. Yesterday she released her debut EP on French indie label Beko Disques, just in time to prove that her long-awaited EP was not a figment of our imagination. 'Ritual You+Me' and 'Moon Weather' are two new songs that add to Femme Fantasm's musical spectrum. Sensual vocals combined with vibrant 80's inspired synth sounds take you on a kaleidoscopic musical journey. Listen and prepare yourselves to dive into the psychedelic, colourful part of your imagination.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Theme Witch - Psychic / Hey Whitney

Music can be a means of catharsis for some people who want to release strong emotions and get some relief of emotional tensions. That is the aim of Tyler Brown, a musician based in Portland, OR with the moniker Theme Witch: to purify you of any pent-up negative feelings and show you the way towards lively, colourful music vibes. His two recently released guitar pop songs, 'Psychic' and 'Hey Whitney', certainly do the trick. Allow yourselves to be carried away by the radiant, powerfully evocative tunes.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dawn Gazers - Dance

Dawn Gazers are an alternative pop band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Giulio (guitar, vocals), Lone (basitar, guitar, vocals), Benjamin (drums) and Federico (bass) aim for an alternative and more raw sound in the direction of 90's alternative rock, characterized by ethereal noise walls, distorted guitars, driving rhythms as well as the sound of a basitar (a guitar with two bass strings used instead of an ordinary bass in the EP and invented by the band President of the United States of America, who are a great inspiration of DG). The EP 'At Starlight' is their first official release and was out March 20th on Italian label I Make Records. The EP is about the feeling you get when you gaze at the stars. Dealing with different existential themes such as the need to break free of the chains of the mundane everyday life, or the fact that no one can define who you are apart from yourself. A collection of melancholic stories about longing for love and longing for meaning wrapped in a quirky pop package with loads of deliberate pop clichés delivered through form, melody and sweet and tender boy-girl vocal harmonizations. The EP is available on most digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.) and on limited edition (150 copies) transparent blue vinyl sold through their Bandcamp. In celebration of Record Store Day, the band just unveiled a video for the second single 'Dance', which was filmed in South Italy by the Amalfi Coast and by Vesuvio as well as in the label's studio where the EP wass recorded. It's a really catchy tune that will make you (guess what?) dance, dance, dance! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chrisfamiliar ft. Death in Saturn - Crystal

Chrisfamiliar and Death in Saturn worked together in Miami based band Kodiak Fur. The product of the time they spent together is 'Crystal', a mesmerizing electronic track which is Chrisfamiliar's first release as a solo producer. Their approach to production is minimal and most of this was recorded with a headphone mic. There were additional drum edits done by Steven Sanz. While they are planning on releasing a few more collaborations by the end of the year, Death in Saturn recently released a debut EP called 'A Loss Of Blood', which has a darker synthwave touch. Check out all the tracks over their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages below.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Musique Le Pop - Same About You

Hailing from Norway Musique Le Pop's members are producers and songwriters Christoffer Schou, Jon Kristian Furuheim and Elisabeth Thorsen. The trio has for many years collaborated in different projects, like Remington Super 60 and Safariari, but wanted to combine forces in a more focused way, and the result is Musique Le Pop. Their music combines different genres, like twee, 60s pop, dance music and indie. They have just released a new single 'Same About You', which was recorded in a small house in Finnmark (as far north as it is possible to get in Norway), where the band’s lead singer Elisabeth’s family originally is from – she is half Sápmi (Norwegian native) herself. The band, which is normally based in the south of Norway, went there to find inspiration and create new songs. While staying in Finnmark, the band binge-watched 'Twin Peaks' every night. Inspired by Julee Cruise’s haunting vocals that are omnipresent in the show, the band decided to make a song with the same vibe, and the result is 'Same About You'. On the single you can also find a wonderful remix from Jon’s side-project Safariari. Listen to the beautiful song below.

The Mary Onettes feat. Maria Usbeck - Ruins

Swedish band The Mary Onettes don't need many introductions. Following their recent U.S. tour they released a new track 'Ruins' on American label Cascine. The song follows the 80s' inspired dreamy line of their latest mini-album 'Portico:' and features guest vocals of Selebrities' Maria Usbeck. Philip Ekström's ethereal vocals seem to find their completion in Usbeck's and supplement synthy melodies to create a brilliant, atmospheric pop song. 'Ruins' is available on all digital platforms. Share them below.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sexores - Maceió

Sexores are a dream pop band from Quito, Ecuador created in 2010 and currently based in Barcelona, Spain. They have already released two albums (Historias de Frío being their latest one) and are now preparing their third one. A few days ago they shared 'Maceió', a new song off their new, highly anticipated work. Hazy guitars and dynamic drums join beautiful female vocals to create a fresh, vibrant, dream pop-kissed bouquet. 'Smell' it here.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

This Love Is Deadly - Certainly Not Pushed

If there's one album that's got me hooked on for the past week, it's 'Want' from Berlin-based band This Love Is Deadly. Having heard their debut album and the first track off their sophomore one, 'Vertigo', I was curious to hear the rest and at the same time I was sure I wouldn't be disappointed. The album is out exclusively (at least for now) on limited edition vinyl via Bekassine Records and you can purchase it here or at one of their shows. Yesterday they shared on their Soundcloud the opening track 'Certainly Not Pushed', which is also one of my favourites on the album. The album perfectly balances between laid-back and bursting dream pop / shoegaze tunes with awesome female/male vocals and 'Certainly Not Pushed' gives you a great idea of what to expect. I wish there were a way to share 'I Miss To Miss You', my other favourite on the album, but I guess you'll have to buy the vinyl to find out. You're certainly not pushed, just highly advised to do so.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PREMIERE: Jon Kohen - Dead Reckoning

Jon Kohen has just unveiled a new video for the title track of his debut album 'Dead Reckoning', due for release next week (available on CD via Endless Bummer Records).   
Using WWII footage, the video displays the way in which the particular navigation technique worked then. 
For Jon Kohen it is another opportunity to use metaphor in order to distance and differentiate himself from the way people are sometimes expected to make their choices in life. 
Highly emotional and atmospheric with soft vocals and penetrating, ethereal beats, the song will 'beckon' to you.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Seventeen years - Dread

I really don't know much about dream pop solo project Seventeen years apart from he comes from Kansas City and he's been making music since 2009. He's already released two albums - the latest called 1717 (via Lo-Fi by Default and Half Gifts), and he's been preparing a new one for later this year. 'Dread' is the second track he's shared off the album and it's a true gem that combines dream pop and post punk elements. Have a listen here.

Tape Runs Out - Friends

Cambridge-based five piece outfit Tape Runs Out are the latest addition to Ear To Ear Records' catalogue of signed artists. The band's debut single Friends / Flowers was released on March 30th and features two elegant, ethereal indie pop tracks. 'Friends' is more upbeat, with jangly guitars and dreamy vocals. Artiom Barkun directed a charming video for it, but, just like the song itself, it 'runs out' too soon... 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

RHEYA - Franchise

RHEYA is the solo electronic project of a Swedish artist who keeps his identity well hidden. However, he fails to do the same with his music talent. Last year he made his debut with his EP UNION and yesterday he dropped a new song off his upcoming EP expected later in the summer. 'Franchise' has vocals so dreamy and synths so soothing that you will want to play it again and again and again. You can have a listen and download the track here. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Prints_ - Wish / Tears

Prints_ are a newly formed future pop duo from Los Angeles, CA. Carol Rhyu and Keil Corcoran combine dreamy vocals with dark moody synth sounds. While preparing for their debut full length album due later this year, they have already shared a self titled EP. You can check 'Tears' on their Bandcamp and watch the atmospheric video for 'Wish' here. 

Sundayman ft. Sarah P. - On The Run

Looking for something joyous that will sweep you off your feet? Then consider your search is over. Sundayman is the moniker of Greek composer and producer Kyriakos Moustakas, who has been known for blending upbeat electronica with ambient and melodic tunes. His new album will be out on Inhousemusic and he recently shared a vintage video for 'On The Run', a track in which he collaborates with Keep Shelly In Athens' Sarah P. in the vocals. The result is a blissful electronic piece with dreamy vocals that will have you dancing even 'in your mind'.