Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Citrus Clouds - Life Happens

Citrus Clouds released an impressive album in 2016 called 'Imagination', a musical trait they have no shortage of. The dream pop trio from Phoenix, Arizona (comprised of Erick Pineda, Stacie Huttleston and Angelica Pedrego) are ready for their new EP, 'Ultra Sound', which will drop on September 22nd on Custom Made Music
They've just shared the first single 'Life Happens', a song about loss and our ability to move on; when something ends, you have to accept it and grow. Musically, the song is wrapped up in the band's melodic guitar and bass lines, a sample of a more mature work we are looking forward to. 
You can listen to 'Life Happens' and pre-order the EP below. 

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  1. Not a sit and be song. I like it!