Thursday, December 29, 2016

Best of 2016

Here's the list of FP2T's favourite 2016 releases in alphabetical order: 

Bloodhounds On My Trail - Haunted Isles 
Bloody Knives - I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This 
Brothers in Law - Raise 
Cigarettes After Sex - K. 
Citrus Clouds - Imagination 
Crescendo - Unless 
DIIV - Is The Is Are 
Echolust - Veldisa 
Genders - Phone Home 
Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls - Malone Kidd EP 
Golden Graves - Be Safe 
HYLA - Chaos For You 
Jay Som - Turn Into 
Lost Tapes - Let's Get Lost 
Manic Sheep - Brooklyn 
Miniatures - What You Want 
MOLLY - As Years Go By 
Motorama - Dialogues 
Newmoon - Space 
PAT MOON - Don't Hide From The Light 
Pinkshinyultrablast - Grandfeathered 
Programm - A Torrid Marriage Of Logic and Emotion 
Self Portraits - Imperfections 
Sexores - Red Rooms 
Sky Between Leaves - Klein Blues 
Soft Wounds - Soft Wounds 
Soviet Soviet - Endless 
Starrsha - Starrsha 
Stella Diana - Nitocris 
Tape Waves - Here To Fade 
Still Corners - Dead Blue 
Terry vs. Tori - Terry vs. Tori 
The Blessed Isles - Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night 
The Mary Onettes - Juna 
The Radio Dept. - Running Out Of Love 
TRACES - Imaginary Life 
Vagina Lips - Athanasia 
We.the Pigs - DK31 EP 
Wild Meadows - Nowhere 
Wild Nothing - Life of Pause

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