Friday, October 7, 2016

Egoprisme - EP2 [PREMIERE]

Sometimes there is in the air, diffuse and indefinable, something that catches, snaps, something that leads to the faint-hearted, to the creative and inventive. It may be an idea, a trend, a state of mind; unable to escape. Jean-Marc Le Droff might not pay attention and stay comfortably in what animates, since 2002. He stayed in the "rock fight" in a Brest electro-rock duo. But then, his fighting pessimism needed to be expressed differently. After making more personal compositions with his machines and his guitar, he kept discreetly to himself before giving in to pressure from his entourage, seduced by his music. Listening to Egoprisme, it is hard not to think of a cold wave-post-punk-80s inherited music. While we tend to dream about the future, sometimes it reinvents the legacy of past decades without taking forcing consciousness. Reminiscent? Perhaps. Or maybe not.
The indie scene also feeds on itself. So according to his musical knowledge, especially in Egoprisme, we find what we want to see. A cold wave that will be sensitive to this dark world, this serious and monotonous song that will evoke the glory days of rock which wanted Gothic. The synthetic side of his music also recalls of the boom times of synth pop, and the electro and indie rock audiences will find themselves immersed in an echo of their own references. Returning things intuitively where they were left, Egoprisme built a modern music, with a dark wave and dark synth pattern, which is the junction of many currents; at the intersection of cold, rock and indie, a resolutely upbeat electro. This music, moving and moving, is made to be listened to and dance. And with Egoprisme, we dance with much gravity with levity. In Paris, Rennes and Brest we have been able to see Egoprisme share the bill with Tropic of Cancer, Qual (Lebanon Hanover) Try not , Fuzeta, mode in Gliany, the Wheal, Republic of Dahu and Icesun. 
EP2 is out today digitally on Beko Disques. The cover artwork was made by French artist Jb Stephan.
FP2T is excited to premiere the 4-track EP as well as the video for the opening track 'En Secret'. Stream, watch and dance to one of our favourite 'unkept' secrets of the year! 

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