Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PREMIERE: Dear Tracks - All The Outs Are Free

Dear Tracks made their debut earlier in the year with the impressive Wildfower EP. Matt Messore, Victoria Ovenden, Jacob Juodawlkis and Alex Militello from Grand Rapids, MI have just unveiled the second track off their forthcoming EP 'Soft Dreams'. 'All The Outs Are Free' is a track that will instantly become dear to you. It has a dreamy melody and chimming guitars that the band can so well master. This dream pop gem as well as Moment Of Clarity (released in April) are part of the EP that will be out on February 26th and available on limited edition 10" vinyl - mint green via Track and Field Records and violet via Furious Hooves, on a small run of cassettes and digitally. 
Check 'All The Outs Are Free' below.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Crescendo - Repulsor

We shared news about Crescendo's sophomore album earlier in the year and the time has finally come for the LA-based trio to share the first single off 'Unless'. 'Repulsor' is an upbeat track that you will feel instantly attracted to. Although it's only been about a year since their debut album, their dream pop sound seems more evolved and richer in strength and Gregory and Olive's vocals blend beautifully together. 
When talking about 'Repulsor' Gregory said: "Writing music has always been the way for my subconscious to communicate with me. When I'm put on the spot to write lyrics for a composition, my heart will force out my dearest thoughts that aren't always known to me. Crescendo coincidentally means growth, which is something Olive, Jess, and I work on constantly. We're never good enough. There's lyrics I've written years ago that teach me things I needed to know then, and I usually unlock them much later. 'Repulsor' came to us out of thin air, my emotions at the time embodied the laser beam riffs, light speed drum beats, and holy synths. We like to write music that offers support to others. I've seen what fast drum beats can do to ignite people at live shows, dance floors, and car-rides. 'Repulsor' is just that, a science fiction laser beam controlled by our guitars & emotions igniting those around it, engulfed in musical chaos, and therapeutic lyrics from the future for all of us. A light speed space journey through our world firing at everything in our path, our hardships, our growing minds, to break through our adventures through music and life." 

The band have scheduled some performances that anyone in their area should not miss: 11/18-11/20 TEDMED House Band (private event); Coachella, CA 
11/24 The Hideout with Millionyoung; San Diego, CA 
11/25 Harvard & Stone DreamGaze Festival Presents: The New Division[DJ Set] + PART TIME + Millionyoung & Crescendo; Los Angeles, CA 

The album will be out in February 2016 on Italian label We Were Never Being Boring on limited colored heavy splatter on transparent vinyl and CD and is available to pre-order here.