Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Another Juggle - Dance Sunshine, Dance (Album)

We first met Danish band Another Juggle back in May 2015 when they released the single 'Dance Sunshine, Dance'. On January 29th earlier this year the Copenhagen quartet (Nikolaj Dalsgaard, Emil Eggert Scherrebeck, Anders Cederblad and Thomas Haahr) released their debut album on Target Records. They describe their music as dreampop and it is invariably impregnated with 80's inspired synthesizers and melodic guitars. However, their sound is hazily reminiscent of the past. 
Here they have succeeded in creating an album that transforms the Nordic melancholy into an audible awakening experience. Here you will find mid tempo tracks, such as 'Slide' and 'Coins'. And here you will find more upbeat songs like 'Dance Sunshine, Dance' and 'Cities Crash'. It is how the band express their feelings about the morose heart's - sometimes futile - leap to an introspective and at the same time self-liberating journey. This is a debut masterfully done that absolutely deserves your attention. 
 'Dance Sunshine, Dance' is available to stream and buy on Bandcamp. You can also watch the video for the opening track 'Not Now' below.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

PREMIERE: True I.T.C. - Please Don't Die

True I.T.C. are an electronic pop duo formed in Bergen, Norway in 2013 by John Olav Nilsen and Eirik Vestrheim. FP2T is happy to premiere their third single 'Please Don't Die', which is out now on Beko Disques. Through seemingly smooth synth lines and vocals the duo have managed to create a powerful track proving that true beauty sometimes lies in simplicity.